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Farrington Properties have been investing in properties now for over 18 years and as a result have extensive experience in this investment area.

We can offer you the opportunity to join our networking circle of investors, where you will see the fantastic opportunities to invest for a return far exceeding most investment classes.

You can start SMALL or BIG. There is no minimum or maximum amount that you can invest, the choice is yours.

We must explain that this is a regulated market and as such are limited to what we can and cannot offer to you directly.

If you are a family member, relative, friend with whom we have had previous discussions about investment opportunities, and you are completely comfortable with the risks involved, then we may be able to meet up to discuss what opportunities are available to you.

If we have not met before, or have not had any previous in depth discussions about property investment, then although we may not be able to offer you a direct opportunity to invest with us, we will be able to network you with our team of other investors, who may be able to offer you similar investment opportunities.

We can offer an initial free consultation, with absolutely no obligation, the choice is then yours.

Email us now. Giving us as much detailed information about any previous experience you may have, and what type of investments you may be looking for. Any other additional information about you in general that may help us to understand what you are looking for now and in the future will also be of great assistance to us.

Thank you for reading this, please now use the registration process to receive a login access code.

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