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The NORMAL selling way:

1: You telephone an estate agent or several to ask if they can sell your house.
2: They arrange an appointment to value your property.
3: They give you their valuation which, remember, is an OPINION ONLY (not a RICS valuation)
4: They advertise the property for what they think it is worth.
5: They take enquiries ask a few questions and hopefully they find a buyer – hit and miss.
6: Both the seller and the estate agent will probably know very little about the buyer.
7: The sale may fall through for many reasons: buyer unable to obtain finance, broken chain etc.
8: The agent finds another buyer with the above procedure repeated and the sale falls through.
9: The time period to sell a house could take any where from 6 and up to 12 months or longer.


What an estate agents often do not ask:

1: They very rarely ask what your personal situation is and what you really need from the sale
2: They very rarely ask what you really need from a sale which may not be just the price.
3: They rarely spend time to fully understand your entire needs.
4: They very rarely ask a potential buyer detailed questions to see if they fit your requirements.


How do we do things differently:

The Alternative Way – Farrington Properties Way.

1: You telephone us and we listen to your needs.
2: We arrange a totally FREE consultation service to FULLY understand your needs and requirements
3: We show you comparable properties that have sold in your area to understand the true value.
4: We discuss your needs: both price and timescales and tailor make a sale package to suit.
5: A sale is agreed with a definite timescale set.
6: A guaranteed sale.

WHY choose Farrington Properties

The alternative – you choose.

1: A quick sale or flexible timescale – you choose.
2: We can offer cash and a quick sale – price negotiable.
2: At least full market value or above due to little or no equity.
3: A very flexible timescale to exchange and complete.
4: A hassle free process.
5: Free consultation, advice and guidance throughout the whole sale process.
6: Free valuation.
7: As little as 48 Hours for offer and exchange of contracts in some instances.
8: Free Legals in most cases.
9: No call centres – you only deal with us direct – Farrington Properties as a local family business.

We will create a package that fits YOUR personal needs and requirements.

Can an estate agent meet the above sellers requirements: NO (Probably not)

Can we – Farrington Properties – meet your requirements: YES

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