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We are a family business established since 1998, during which time we have purchased both residential and commercial properties. We are different from commercial selling agents have a completely different approach. An alternative way for you to sell and for us to buy your property.

Our alternative approach offers you choice in how your property can be sold, with flexible arrangements tailor made to suit your needs. Whether your priority is price alone or flexible exchange and completion timescale to fit in with any existing tenants, clients and your own personal needs, Farrington Properties can offer that flexibility that otherwise you may find difficult to obtain from a more traditional selling method with a commercial selling agent.

We consider any type of property and in any condition, we can also assist if needed with any existing finance issues.

Farrington Commercial Property Buyers

Want to sell, but have existing tenants, clients and by advertising now will create income voids?

Then why not agree a future sale at a timescale to suit you, without worrying your clients and putting them under distress immediately. This also means that you can plan in advance your exit strategy, agreeing a sale price and completion date now for peace of mind. This also will benefit you in that you will not have any income void period, which if sold using a commercial agent or auction house, your clients would leave and then there could be a considerable length of time where there would be no income.


Want to sell but can’t due to existing finance issues: tied in to a set term, negative equity?

Then why not agree a future sale at a timescale to suit you? We can, in many cases, pay above market value with flexible completion timescales that fit in with any financial commitments.

We are not commercial selling agents. We offer an alternative way, a solution to selling your property.

Please call us to discuss, or email us using the contact form below. We will look forward discussing your requirements followed by a personal meeting at absolutely no cost and no obligation.


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