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Thinking of selling?

Thinking of selling your rental properties?

Several Reasons many landlords want or need to sell:

1. Problem tenants, had enough of rent arrears, voids, bad tenants?

2. New taxation rules, leaving you with very little money left, especially after all other running costs.

3. Just want to sell up?

You may have just one property to sell or an entire portfolio.

If so, we can help!

Call us for discreet no obligation consultation. We can offer far greater flexibility in the way we buy from you. The alternative way to an estate agent, commercial agent or auction.

You may want to sell over a period of time, one now, one in a few months’ time and even in year or two. This may be for several reasons; tied into mortgage loan commitments, such as early redemption fees, or tenancies that have not yet expired, but want certainty now that a sale has been agreed. We can even assist with your loan commitments and manage existing tenancies, so you can relax, knowing with confidence that a sale has been agreed.


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Management Service

Tried several letting agents? Disappointed with the service? Not done what they promised? Did not fulfil your expectations? As a result this has probably cost you more money and time to rectify tenant’s issues, probably even resulting in rent arrears or voids?

We are LANDLORDS ourselves and have over 18 years’ experience in renting and managing rental properties. We understand better than most what is important, both to the landlord and the tenant, to keep both happy, resulting in longer and more profitable tenancy periods, through higher rents and less voids.

We are a family business that prides itself on the best possible service. We have a team of fully trained staff that, likewise, understand the needs of the landlord and tenant and the importance of resolving issues swiftly.

We also have a trusted property maintenance team from all trades, so that any property repairs are carried out by a skilled team quickly and without fuss.

We have experience in many different types of rental properties: single let tenancies, HMO’s and holiday lets and have up to date knowledge in all aspects of the rental market.

Want to be a more hands-off property investor, leaving the hassle to us to allow you to get on with your day to day life without worrying about managing the tenants and property repairs and general maintenance?

Call one of our team members NOW for a discreet, no obligation chat.


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